Use vim as an IDE part(1)

Use vim as an IDE part(1)

Written by kazhala | Published a year ago

Turn Vim into a perfect IDE for react development

In this series, I'll teach you how to turn your vim into a light weight IDE that would be as powerful and the popular VScode but better.

A sneak peak of what it will look like (

Disclaimer: I'm by no means a vim master yet, and the set up may not for everyone in their use case.

A bit of background stories

I have been using vim for a couple months now, and I'm loving it. I started using vim in VScode at the start, however, the performance of VScode vim is not very idea in bigger files/projects, so I decided to checkout the "real vim". And my journey of customizing and tweaking the vim into a IDE starts...
People may say that it's not a good idea trying to make vim a IDE because it's not meant for that. To some extent, its very true, but the rise of Neovim and one of it's extension really made this possible. The setup I'm going to share would be extremely helpful for people who love VScode but also want to use Vim.

Why Vim?

  • Blazing fast
  • A skill that would also help in remote development
  • Way more cooler and more nerdy!
  • More customizable
  • and much more...

Highlights of this setup

  • git integration in all the needed aspects
  • file explorer
  • VScode intelligence
  • Auto complete
  • Easy navigation between words
  • Easy navigation between files
  • VScode like control palate
  • Linters
  • and much more

In the next blog, I'll start showing how to actually turn vim into the screen shot above with the functionality mentioned above.

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